la Passerelle

place of creation and sharing

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i.v. moving in one continuous movement, going through, crossing.

Gateway: passage, communication.

La Passerelle is a place of creation and sharing around the visual arts.

I wanted it to be a double space.

La Passerelle is first my studio and my place of creation. It is the place of intimacy, of solitary moments, of stretched time where I recompose all the plastic material accumulated in my artist’s notebooks. It is the place where I let myself be crossed by the impressions of the outside world. It is the place where lines emerge, their paths, their interlacing and the drawings they draw.

Because the creative process is an interaction with the world, I also wanted La Passerelle to be an open space where people can meet. La Passerelle is, in a preserved natural environment, a space of crossroads favoring artistic exchanges and a ground for experimentation. The idea behind La Passerelle is that the dialogue between the arts allows for fertile exchanges and the multiplication of artistic languages. La Passerelle is a place open to singularity and diversity.

The project of La Passerelle is to host :

People for workshops and events around the visual arts, with focusing on printmaking techniques.

Young visual artists for training in preparation for their first exhibition, with particular focus on tools and methods.

A few dates

Opening of my first studio in Fayence in the Var.



Installation of my engraving press in the studio

The desire for change and the desire for elsewhere… What if contemporary art could be a real surprise in the territories ?



Having fallen in love with a place in the Gascony countryside (32 – Gers – Occitanie), I moved back to my native Occitanie and conceived the project for a new studio: La Passerelle.

Start of works for La Passerelle.


Ouverture de La Passerelle, atelier d'art de Dominique Ribes.


Continuation of the works for La Passerelle.

The opening date is October 30th !